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Here are 10 questions we are frequently asked

1. Who is the workshop for?

The Charity & Wisdom workshop is intended for the entire board of directors and executive team. You will get the most from the workshop if everyone who attends board meetings, whether frequently or occasionally, is participating.

Invite along the chair, board members, CEO, CFO, CMO, CRO, CIO, CISO, the audit and risk committee members and anyone else that is empowered to lead and make decisions.

The workshop is delivered in executive level language as one of the core themes of the workshop is that cybercrime has ramifications that go far beyond IT and require that the board and executives are aware and play a small, but vital, role.

2. Who will be delivering the workshop?

Andrew Bycroft will be your workshop facilitator.

He is among Australia’s leading experts in the field of cybercrime, and his approach extends far beyond a traditional IT-based response. With 23 years’ experience in the cybersecurity field, Andrew educates company directors and executives on the need to address cybercrime by dealing with the psychology, not just the technology, behind it.

Andrew Bycroft is CEO of management consultancy, The Security Artist, and a respected public speaker on the issue of cybercrime, the published author of “The Cyber Intelligent Executive”, and co-author of “Adapt or Die”. He currently has a third book in the works entitled “The Cyber Intelligent Director”, soon to be published by the Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD). 

3. When will the workshop be delivered?

You nominate a few dates and times for the workshop that work best for you and one that all the relevant stakeholders can make. We will then pick the most suitable date when we are available from those you selected.

Usually the best time to run the workshop is on the same day you have a board meeting. This way it is easier to ensure that all necessary stakeholders will be present to attend.

4. Where is the workshop delivered?

We come to you. This saves you having to worry about travel. If you have multiple sites, we recommend holding it at the one which is local to most of the board members and executives. If the team is diverse, then pick the location where the next board meeting will be held and schedule the workshop for the same day either before or after the board meeting.

The workshop will be delivered in your meeting room or boardroom, unless of course you would prefer to have the workshop run from an off-site location so as to avoid any distractions.

Please note that we are unable to deliver multiple workshops to directors and executives separately. We do expect that once a time has been scheduled, all directors and executives whom have been invited will make the commitment to attend.

5. How is the workshop delivered?

The workshop is delivered face to face. We have found that this is the best way to have a truly interactive dialogue. We will use a projector to display some slides and will also require a whiteboard or flip chart when the workshop moves from the educational phase into the interactive phase.

In instances where the board may be dispersed and one or two members can not make the workshop in person, we may use webinar technology and/or video conferencing technology to deliver the workshop to those who are not in the room.

We will not substitute a face to face workshop for a webinar, however. We do expect the majority of participants to be in attendance in the face to face workshop.

6. How did the workshop idea develop?

After reading a quote from Saint Francis of Assisi, “Where there is charity and wisdom, there is neither fear nor ignorance” we knew we had a breakthrough idea on our hands.

Our mission is to help company directors and executives overcome fear and ignorance when contemplating the rapidly growing problems that cybercrime creates. Based on the quote the solution is charity and wisdom

We decided that if your organisation is prepared to donate a tax deductible payment of $1,000 to a charity of its choice  – that is any charity that is a bonafide charity,  we would reciprocate by delivering your board of directors and executives a three hour workshop valued at $4,995 for the unbeatable cost of $0.

7. Why deliver a FREE workshop?

At the heart of everything we do is a set of four core values that we live and work by. We are open, consistent, like simplicity and we care. These four values form the foundation for the passion that gives rise to the ideas we seed and nurture, to the people we invite to be a part of our highly successful team, to the services we deliver and the frameworks that reside at the very core of those services.

We are open to giving you our very best information about cybercrime. We don’t hold back. We believe in collaboration and co-creation.

We live for consistency to deliver quality and dependability but also recognize that in a world where the only constant is change we adapt when consistency fails us.

We break down the complexity of topics that baffle most and distil these into simple lessons that can be understood and embraced. We love pictures, analogies, metaphors and stories.

We care about our past, present and future clients and that means caring enough to deliver a workshop in which we cover all of the costs if you show you care enough to donate to charity.


8. What do I get out of the workshop?

You get all of these:

  1. A 100 page full colour workshop manual that you take away with you for future reference.
  2. Three hours of time with a seasoned veteran who has more than two decades of experience in combating cybercrime.
  3. Powerful, yet easy to consume learning material on cybercrime and its impacts to your organisation in, jargon free, director and executive level language.
  4. The ability to ask all those burning questions on you mind about cybercrime and how it affects your organisation in a private forum  (Chatham house rules apply so the information stays inside the room; we will happily sign an NDA if you want some rigor around ensuring nothing leaks).
  5. Your mind put at ease as we replace fear and ignorance with understanding and a plan of action to combat cybercrime and, in the process, show you how the right approach to combating cybercrime can reduce risk, increase operational efficiency, produce a return on investment and deliver a competitive edge.
  6. Our no risk “money in your pocket” guarantee. We are so confident in our ability to deliver real value, that we will pay you $4,995 if you tell us, within 30 days, you were not satisfied with the workshop.

9. What is covered in the workshop?

We will invest three hours of quality time with you to deliver insights about your organisation you wish you had known sooner:

  • Defining what cybercrime is
  • The six words every director and executive should know about cybercrime
  • Traits of cybercriminals
  • What are the most lucrative targets for cybercriminals
  • What cybercriminal activity looks like
  • The root cause as to why cybercrime is now a pandemic
  • The five trends that will make cybercrime an even bigger problem
  • Why IT is struggling to combat cybercrime
  • Why IT needs your help to combat cybercrime
  • The cyber maturity matrix
  • Six practices every organisation needs to get good at
  • How cybercriminals will target your organisation
  • The six types of impact to your organisation
  • The real, and often hidden, costs of cybercrime

10. What is the agenda?

The agenda will resemble the following:

Meet and greet  (10 minutes)

Part 1 – the basics of cybercrime: what, why, when, where, who and how. What every director and executive needs to know. This is the educational part (1 hour, 15 minutes)

Stretch the legs (break time) (15 minutes)

Part 2 – putting cybercrime in context for your organisation. This is where it gets interactive (1 hour)

Questions and answers (20 minutes)

Here is what others have to say about the Charity & Wisdom workshop

I had been looking for a cybersecurity expert to educate our business for some time before coming across The Security Artist. The Security Artist then presented to my entire team which consists of “businesses within our business”. The session was extremely informative with a taste of humour and really well received

 Nathan Swain, CEO, Australian Property Finance

The Security Artist is exactly that, presenting security ideas in an engaging and interactive approach. They use very visual presentations to engage the mind and speak with a depth of knowledge and a level of authority that any director would appreciate

 Tim Rippon, CEO, Elasticus

An eye opener; Impressive! Many consultants want to work with large corporates, but Andrew and his team are actually doing it!

Edward Mandla, CEO, Mandlason

I’d really like to commend Andrew on his commitment not only to educating organisations about cybercrime, but also to his support of charities throughout Australia through this initiative

 Richard Triggs, CEO, Arete Executive

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